Learn from the best.

To be an accomplished writer one needs to learn from the best. Shakespeare was the best, and even he used other writer’s words to develop his own style. A style that would become so good that he’s been labelled as one of the best writers of our time.

I am currently reading Oliver Sacks The Man who Thought His Wife was a Hat. I cannot flaw his writing style. Sacks takes us on a journey, a very personal journey, of rare neurological deficits, affects and disorders and the way they manifest or show up in his patients.

The Man who Thought His Wife was a Hat, is the favourite book, of author Lisa Genova. Her book Still Alice, recently adapted into a film and skilfully written, is the story of a fifty year old university professor who starts to have memory problems.

Larry’s Party by Carol Shields is also a surperbly wriiten book. The books I have mentioned, look at words and how they fit into sentences. It is the sentence structure, which is the basis of a well written book. The other parts, the building blocks, come next. As a writer, please remember the necessity of a good foundation. With it, your writing will stand. Without it, your writing will crumble. Until next time,  Debbie.


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