Welcome to Debbie Bayliss – Writer & Researcher. I have been involved in academic writing and research for over twenty years. I happen to have worked and been taught by two of the best. Both well regarded, globally, for their advances in research. In the eighties I had the priviledge to work for the late Emeritus Charles Bridges-Webb. He was a pioneer researcher in General Practice as well as computerised medical records. In the nineties I had the priviledge to be supervised by the now Professor Lea Williams who became Head of the Brain Institute at Westmead and more recently has taken up a position at Stanford University.

Charles retired early. One of his new ventures was writing. Not academic writing, which he had been doing for many years, but creative writing. So what did I do? I decided to join Charles and become a creative writer! As well as my thesis, on Schizophrenia Traits and Arousal,  I have written numerous short stories, a few poems, one novel which I am currently editing and writing another. I enjoy reviewing the work of others, taught by reviewer Dr Jeremy Fisher. I am happily married to the man in my life and the father of my children. My daughter has just anmounced her engagement and our son is in Year 10 at High School. I have decided to.start my own blog. Well it won’t be my blog because the term ‘blog’ is not me. My writing will be my words, placed in my own unique way. Possibly, my philosophy of life, I suppose, to.put it more formerly.



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